Think Drinks

If you run a restaurant, pizzeria, bar, pub or club, your mixes should be turning
over a healthy profit for you.

Take a look at the real costs of your current postmix system.
You are probably paying too much! ThinkDrinks is an alternative.
Take another look at what you are paying for 10 litre bag in box
and wake up! Switch to convenient, super cool, maximum fizz
ThinkDrinks and keep the cash.
Our draught equipment mixes soda and syrup before it hits the glass
and cools it to  perfection. Plus your 8-line, free-flow gun allows for
greater flexibility and speed at the bar.


With a Think Drinks draught dispenser you can serve
up to 8 of your customers` favorite drinks or mixers.

Our Syrups
• Cola
• Cola Light
• Orange
• Lime
• Lemon
• Tonic
• ThinkEnergy



Think Drinks Finland Ltd